How To Get Jennifer Lopez’s Look? – Secrets from Her Makeup Artist

Everybody knows how putting on makeup is putting on the finishing touch to your whole look! But wearing bad makeup can do a lot more damage . It can even make the most beautiful women look…well bad! But we haven’t seen anything like that with J Lo. Her makeup artist reveals few makeup secrets to her perfect look.

Skin prep is equally important as the makeup. She massages Lopez’s complexion, increasing the blood flow and alleviating puffiness.
Heat the moisturizer or the foundation before applying onto your face. “The ingredients need to get to a certain temperature, and then they melt right into the skin,” she says.
Mix the colors: She reveals that she likes to mix foundation colors to create a solid base color while adding more colors to create more highlights.
Mattify strategically, to get rid of the shiny spots on the face, she also reveals to reduce the shine on JLo, she applies powder to the following areas: the forehead, nose and chin. She also shares that she likes to avoid blotting around the eyes, cheekbones, and temples.

Another secret tip she would like to share is that whenever you can, go nude!
Be like JLo and wear nude a million of different ways!
These are wonderful tips from a really good makeup professional. Are you going to try some of them?

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