Alexa Chung’s Best Fashion Week Outfits

If you are a fan of a classy, simple look, you can learn a thing or two from Alexa Chung. Let’s see how she combines classic, retro and comfortable into one stylish and unique look you probably haven’t seen before.
Erdem Lace Dress

At the Vogue J. Crew Party, 2015, she wore an elegant lace dress by Erdem. This modest looking lace is probably one of a kind, or at least in the minority of lace dresses.
Off-the-Shoulder Dress

She wore this combination at the House of Holland, S/S 16 show. This is a dress that strategically reveals the beauty of a woman, without being provocative – collarbone and long legs. Mysterious and classy!
Hillier Bartley Silk Dress

Now this is a dress to die for! The silk is falling freely on the legs, and there’s just the right amount of hip and waist accentuation. The collar and the buttons are added perfectly to give this unique look.
Topshop Unique Jumpsuit

It’s certain she loves her blue. And so do we! This outfit is a more casual variation of the previous outfit with almost the same color jumpsuit and low velvet heels.
Louis Vuitton Dress

Vertically striped short dress with side zipper is just the perfect casual dress, and combining it with high heel boots gives the slight cowgirl look that looks so amazing on her.
We are fans of measured classy looks, especially with ladies like Alexa Chung that simply know how to wear it. What do you think? Would you wear anything like that?

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