Hottest Beauty Trends of 2017

Beauty trends, like every other fashion statement, are in a constant phase of evolution. New trends come and go just like the wind. It can be hard to keep track of what’s in at the moment. Here we have gathered four beauty trends that will be big in 2017!

No Blow Dry Hairstyles

Gone are the days of blowing your hair out. Now it’s all about the no blow-dry look with beach waves and exciting, twisty hairstyles that require no blow dry at all. Change your hairstyle and adopt the more stylish and easier mode of fashion!

Metallic Chrome Nails

A big hit on the runway and in the fashion world are the metallic chrome nails. Created with chrome powder, these nails give off a beautiful metallic sheen that makes them so different from the ordinary.

Holographic Makeup

Shift your look and say hello to holographic era, these dancing rainbows are everywhere. From eyeshadows to lipsticks to Hollo nail polish, holographic beauty trends are the latest strive in fashion.

Glitter Lipstick

Instagram and Instagram fashion is eclipsing the world. The latest trends follow glitter lipsticks. Although it seems hard to understand how those lips are practical, the new fashion statement is to make your lips as glittery as can be!
These beauty trends are some of the hottest trends expected to be big in the year 2017. You would do well to evolve your style around these fashion statements. It will certainly help you up your beauty game several notches!

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