How Often You Should Replace Your Cosmetics!

Cosmetic products can be expensive and the dollar amounts can really add up, so you can’t be blamed to stretch out these products until their maximum potential.
Thinking you may be smart for extending the lifetime of the products, you may actually be doing more harm to yourself than good. How many products do you have in your makeup bag that have been there for months, or maybe even years? If they’ve been in there for that long, maybe you should consider throwing them out after reading more about it below:
Blending Sponges: 1 Month

Ideally, you should be washing these after every use, and after a month be tossing them out. If they’re beginning to break down toss them out earlier.
Mascara: 3-6 Months

If you pay attention to the labels of your mascara, they will say that they last somewhere around 4-6 months, but that’s only if you haven’t opened it yet. Once mascara becomes used on your eyes, this amount of time reduces down to 3 months.
You want to be extra careful with products like mascara that are used directly with your eyes, because you’re more prone to bacteria than can cause irritation and/or infections.
Foundation: 12 Months

When dealing with foundations that are liquid/cream based, they’ll have a lifetime of about 6 – 12 months, and are more likely to attract bacteria. Powders on the other hand, have a much longer shelf life, as their dry nature allows them to be less prone for bacterial growth.
Lipstick: 2 Years

Lipstick is one of the products that has much more of a shelf life, than compared to other beauty products. If you’re someone who does their best to look after and take care of their products, then you should be good for about 2 years. Just make sure to give the top layer of your lipstick a thorough wipe every so often to clean off any bacteria.
Perfume: 10 Years

Just like lipstick, perfumes are a product that you can stretch out for multiple years. Store correctly out of the light, with the lid on when you’re not using it. Ideally, you’re going to want to store them in a dark place.

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